Why is having a CAC consultant important for any student looking to apply to college?

The college admissions process is very complex. It involves numerous different steps that need to be completed in a specific order by a specific time. This is further complicated by the different deadlines and guidelines provided by each college/university. Unfortunately, it is very easy to skip over or forget about a very small yet crucial step in the process. Perhaps even more discouraging is the fact that it is very easy to get so caught up in the process that one is unable to see what is truly important. For example, should the student be more concerned about the essay topic or the grammatical editing of the essay? Should the student write about his service trip to Honduras or the time he was faced with a personal challenge? This is where the CAC consultants come in! Our consultants have the expertise and “inside knowledge” to know what steps of the process are most important and which can be left until later. Furthermore, the CAC consultants often serve as a mediator between parent and child during this important yet difficult transition period.  Typically, a student has a desire to gain independence and complete the college process separate from the parent while the parent may want to allow a certain amount of independence but is concerned that the college process is too crucial to allow for mistakes.  By having a CAC consultant, the parent can take a step back and allow the student to have more independence while still having the security that the application process is getting completed effectively.  This can help create a much better parent child relationship during the transition.

The college admissions process should be an exciting experience through which a student can explore him/herself and his/her options.  Unfortunately, the process tends to be an experience filled with stress and worry. A student only goes through this experience once in life and should take the time to enjoy it. With the help of a CAC consultant, the process becomes much less stressful, more organized, and much more enjoyable for everyone involved.