Why Choose CAC?

Top Five Reasons to Choose College Admissions Consultants (CAC)

  • Our experience is unbeatable
  • We save you time and stress
  • We help alleviate tension between the student and parent(s)
  • Our prices are incredible
  • We help you rise above your competition
  1. Our experience is unbeatable                                                                                  Each of our consultants has training and/or experience in the field of undergraduate admissions and/or academic tutoring. The college admissions process changes frequently so our consultants are equipped with the most up-to-date information on the process. They are trained in multiple aspects of the process which may include SAT tutoring, appropriate application essay topic choice, application essay editing, use of the Common Application and private applications, proper requests for teacher recommendations, interview preparation and even academic tutoring for ALL ages (solid grades are an important part of the college admissions process). They have also acquired the behind-the-scenes knowledge regarding what college counselors are looking for in an applicant and are familiar with the crucial mistakes that can lead to admission rejection. (Using this knowledge, our consultants have helped hundreds of clients gain acceptances to college/universities all throughout the United States!)In addition to learning extensively about the college admissions process, CAC consultants have also had the privilege of interacting with the parents of college applicants and are thus aware of the many concerns that parents have regarding their child’s application process. They are here to help both the student and the parent have a stress-free experience.
  2. We save you time and stress
    Parents have busy schedules- working long hours, picking up kids from school, attending sports practices and games and fulfilling family obligations. Students have packed lives as well- homework, sports, clubs, SAT classes and maybe even a social life. What no one has is time or energy to waste…so let us help! We prioritize for you. We know what deserves the most time and attention and what is a waste of time because we are well informed about what college counselors want and require. We are the key to prioritizing this process. We are also well informed about many different parts of the college admissions process, so you’ll only need to turn to one source of information (that’s us) for help. Finally, in an effort to save you both time and stress, we meet with clients via the Internet benefit from our services no matter where you live! You never have to step foot outside of your own home! See ‘Where Are We Located’ on our home page to learn more!
  3. We help to alleviate tension between the student and parent(s)
    In addition to consuming a great deal of time, the college admissions process can also lead to a large amount of tension and stress between parents and their children. We help alleviate this tension by providing a sense of comfort and control for parents. As parents, you know that your child is being closely monitored by an expert in the field and can therefore be assured that everything is being completed on time and completed well. At the same time, we allow the high school students to maintain their independence and uphold their own sense of responsibility. They are given their own tasks to complete and are in total control of what goes into their application process. We are thus the perfect solution for parents and students!
  4. Our prices are incredible
    College Admissions Consultants (CAC) recognizes the seemingly outrageous tuition prices that will be required from you for the next four years. Keeping this in mind, our business has tried its hardest to keep our prices as low as possible.We also recognize that each of our clients is in a very unique position regarding exactly what services he or she needs from a college consultant. Our consultants therefore offer hourly fees in an effort to adapt to these changing needs and remain extremely flexible. No need to purchase packages that require you to pay for numerous services that you don’t need! Simply pay for the time and use your consultant in the manner that best accommodates your needs!Click here to read more about our services and fees.
  5. We help you rise above your competition
    Every college applicant must not only convince a college counselor why he or she should be admitted to their university, but must also convince the counselor why he or she is a better candidate for the position than the hundreds or thousands of other students currently applying. A significant number of college applicants are using a college consultant and thus have “insider information” that those without a consultant are not privy to. To remain on an equal playing field with your competition, it is therefore essential that you too work with a college consultant. However, in order to rise above your competition, be sure to choose College Admissions Consultants.