Where are we located?

Our home office is located anywhere that you are!


We offer meetings over the computer using the chat and video program known as Skype. Through this program, we are able to interact with clients using online interactive whiteboards, innovative websites and screen sharing (which allows us to monitor the student’s computer screen). Take a look:

Skype picture

Image  1: We can see the student and the student can see us!

Skype picture

Image  2: On screen whiteboard allows us to show students different concepts, write our problems and draw pictures/graphs. The best part of this tool is that the student can also interact with the same on screen whiteboard!

Skype picture

Image  3: Screen share features allow us to see the student’s screen or vice versa. This is great for editing papers and teaching how to access material online!


Not sure how to use Skype- simply ask! We have already served many, many clients over the computer and find that it is extremely effective and convenient for you! In fact, many of our students prefer Skype over the old-fashioned in-person tutoring they have received. They note that it enables them to meet with us more often since they do not have to take the time it would take to travel to an office for in-person tutoring. (Parents are pleased about this as well- no carpooling necessary)! In addition, many students report that, compared to in-person tutoring, Skype causes them less anxiety since they are in the safety and comfort of an environment they recognize.

Not sure if Skype is right for you?  Take the challenge: We will offer you 1 consulting session on Skype and if you are not completely satisfied with it, then you will get a full refund!