Read about what our clients have to say about College Admissions Consultants:

[A CAC consultant] worked with my son, Stefan, on perfecting his college essay and making sure that all appropriate forms were completed correctly and delivered on time to his college choices. As many of you parents can imagine, the whole college application process can be a nightmare. Although I tried to get my son to start to think about a college essay topic last summer, it never happened until he was full force in the first semester of his senior year at Cheshire High School.

Although I knew that college admissions want to see only essays that are written by the students themselves, I thought that I would have a small heart attack when my son told me that he was going to write his essay on his love of playing video games! That’s when [a CAC consultant] entered and began working with my son on an individual basis. His first rough draft I can honestly say was horrible! Once [a CAC consultant] began to help him, his mood, grammer, sentence structure and general enthusiasum began to improve immediately. I felt very relieved that he ended up writing a fantastic essay and really connected with [a CAC consultant] on a peer level. [She] was extremely professional, easy to communicate with and took a lot of the stress away.

[She] also worked in the admission’s office at Quinnipiac University while obtaining her undergraduate degree. She is well aware of exactly what a college admissions professional is looking for. She knows how to tell if the work has been completed by the student or an outside source. I should also tell you that I knew that we were in good hands because she graduated with a perfect 4.0 average! I would highly recommend [a CAC consultant] for any help that you may need in applying to any colleges and knowing that it will be completed to perfection.

Just as a side note, my son’s college essay on video games was terrific! It’s not the subject that’s so important but rather the connection between telling the admissions office who you are as a person. He has already received a presidential scholarship to a college of his choice to study biomedical engineering. I guess his fine motor skills and concentration while playing video games has paid off in the long run!

— Mary Joy Ludemann, Mother of Cheshire High School student

Excellent services, CAC really helped me to understand and prepare for college and the SATs. Without the help of CAC my SAT scores would not have gone up +100 points.

— Julia Thomas, a Hamden High School student

Our [blank] had a very difficult time filling out all of the forms for college admissions due to some learning disabilities. CAC was able to help and guide her through the entire process. They took the stress out of a very stressful process.

Having the college application process to do again, four years later, it was extremely beneficial to have CAC ‘s expertise. I found them resourceful and professional in all their guidance and advice. Also impressive was the ease at which they could be reached and their prompt answer to any question I had.

— Barbara Dudek, Mother of student at The Tilton School in New Hampshire

I learned so much from College Admissions Consultants and I really valued all the time that Kaitlin and Shannon devoted to me. I really appreciated the essay help because Shannon gave me many ideas for essay that were very creative! If I knew that there was this service before I took the SAT’s I would have used it because it helped me better my scores! Thank you so much for everything.

— Lizzy Bedson, a high school student

[A CAC consultant] was very professional and organized at all times.

At first Nick was apprehensive (as would any high school senior be) about being tutored for the SATs, but his experience turned out to be very positive and helpful. Once we get back his SAT results, we will let you know how he scored. Her work with Nick on his college essay (so that he doesn’t have the “cookie cutter”essay) was extremely helpful.

— Mrs. Fanelli, mother of high school student

Great experience. Appreciated the result/goal oriented nature of the work. Kind and professional. Hope to continue in the future to further develope career options. Thanks!

Very helpful, on point and professional. Would recommend to anyone in need of this type of service.

I improved a lot with the SATs and learned a lot more on top of that!

— Tom Arisco, a high school student

My tutor was very friendly and helpful. I jumped 170 points when I took [the SATs] another time while having the tutor.

— D.J. Frione, a high school student

[My consultant was] very helpful in the college application process and willing to listen to all thoughts and ideas. Applying to college is very stressful and CAC helped make it a lot easier to break everything down and complete everything on time.

— Jacob Zimmerman, a high school student

An overall helpful and beneficial experience that helped you get done what you needed to get done.

— Sierra Dennehy, a Cheshire High School student

I am very pleased with CAC. I did not think that SAT tutoring would help me this much, but I feel really ready and prepared to take the test. I learned how to approach problems, how to solve them more efficiently, and how to choose the best possible answers. I am confident and I know I will do well on my test.

— Kim Ullrich, a high school student

“I was able to register and be successful in 2 classes at University of ——– as well as get the necessary documents in order to get back to ——College. I was very satisfied with the services and was able to accomplish what I needed to return to school.”

“I would not have done as well as I did if I didn’t have [a college admissions consultant] as a tutor. She was always willing to help in every way.”

“I would absolutely recommend CAC… to someone else in need of help with school matters because [the consultants] is extremely attentive, punctual, intelligent, and personable. She helped me to become a more confident writer, and stronger overall student.”

“Working with the College Admissions Consultants has been a great experience! The consultants are not only knowledgeable and helpful in every field, but they motivate and encourage along the entire process!”

“I feel that working with [CAC} has made furthering my education into a goal that can now actually be an attainable goal for myself. I think working with [CAC] has changed my future and I thank you. School seemed daunting and something I could never get right. Now, my new study skills and paper organization make me more than capable.”

“Consultants were very friendly and actually made studying for the SATs fun for me.”

— Cheshire High School junior

“I increased my SAT scores greatly and I am thankful for that!”

— Cheshire High School junior

“Thank you {CAC} for giving {my daughter} the confidence she needed to improve her {SAT} scores. I will be sure to contact you when my son is ready for the SAT.”

— Mother of Cheshire High School senior

“CAC was extremely helpful to my daughter’s college process. Her SAT scores went up almost 200 points and her essays were concise and meaningful.”

— Mother of Cheshire High School senior

I was very happy with the services provided by College Admissions Consultants. My daughter was very nervous about the college application process but your service gave her a new found confidence. Thank you.

— Joseph Papovich, father of Hannah Papovich, a high school student

“We used CAC [during the] summer for SAT tutoring. Due to [my daughter’s] vacation and soccer schedule, we were unable to arrange a time to get my daughter Arlie to CAC in Cheshire. When Shannon suggested we try Skype we were hesitant. We shouldn’t have been! After a month of sessions with CAC, Arlie was able to bring her scores up 300 points. She was able to Skype from anywhere/anytime. The instructor was always prepared, professional and prompt. It made my life much easier and the results speak for themselves. Now that she has had some time to think about it, Arlie says the instruction she received from CAC was clearly the best, and I agree!”

— Diane Koziol, mother of a Pomperaug High School graduate

Shannon Duffy did a great job helping my son search for colleges! My son got accepted at all 10 colleges he applied for! Being from another country I felt lost in what to do regarding college searching. Shannon was great and very helpful, as well as being very professional. She guided us in the right direction and helped my son find the right college for him!

— Estella Salazar, mother of Brien McMahon High School Student

“…thank you for your steady guidance with Chris… I am beyond thrilled for him, and grateful for your patience, wisdom and educational support that helped him get to this point. I think having you step in where we stepped out was instrumental- and personally this has given me the ability to improve my relationship with Chris where he does not see me as the nagging parent.”

— -Parent of recent college graduate

Thank you guys SO MUCH for helping me throughout this crazy process. I didn’t think it would be as confusing as it was, and having both of you as a resource has been incredibly helpful and I am very grateful for what you have done for me.

— Evelyn Micacci, a The Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts student

Kaitlin and Shannon were the best resources in my college career. They helped me stay motivated and organized throughout the 4 years I worked with them. I’ve had many tutors throughout my life and they were the most patient, punctual and hardworking tutors that I have found. I highly recommend [them to] anyone looking for additional help applying to colleges or general tutoring!

— Sean Giffin, Texas A & M University May 2020 graduate