College Admissions Consultants personalizes its services to meet your specific needs. Below are the descriptions of some of the services that College Admissions Consultants offers to its clients.  We can modify these services in any way that you see fit. You can even create your own service (and we also provide many more services than those listed below). Contact us today!

Our consultants work with students of all ages to complete the college application process. This includes guidance with:

  • Finding colleges that fit the student’s academic needs and personal preferences
  • Picking the appropriate college application essay topic
  • Editing of college application essays 
  • Completing college applications and supplements
  • SAT preparation 
  • Interview preparation
  • Academic tutoring for all ages and many different subject areas
  • Much, much more

 College Choice

This service is meant to assist both the applicant who has yet to decide upon the particular colleges and universities that he/she will apply to and the applicant who has already chosen some institutions to apply to but is uncertain as to whether or not more choices are available. In order to offer this assistance, the consultant will work in-depth with the applicant to explore different elements that are necessary to consider when deciding upon a possible college of interest. These elements include, but are not limited to, campus location, student body size, academic rigor, and specialized programs available at different institutions. These applicant’s preferences will then be matched with colleges and universities that the applicant may choose to apply to.

Sober School Choice

In addition to the traditional college choice services, we also offer school searches for schools that include sober programs and other sober options.   We have years of experience working with clients in early recovery and understand the unique needs that these students may have.  We are knowledgeable about the services each school’s program provides and will help guide the student in finding those that are best for him/her so that he/she can maintain recovery while pursuing academics.

Initial Essay Assistance- Topic and Outline

The consultant will teach the applicant how to brainstorm possible essay topics and how to pick the appropriate essay topic for an application (you will be very surprised!). Applicants will also receive assistance with essay organization and will be instructed about important steps that should be taken when writing a college essay. Furthermore, the consultant will assist the student in making a very detailed outline so that the essay will be much easier to write and much more organized.

Essay Editing

This service is designed specifically for applicants who have already completed the writing stages of a college application essay or who have used our topic choice and outline service to write the essay. The consultant will provide an in-depth review of the essay(s) and will edit the piece in its entirety with the applicant. Editing will include spelling, grammar, and punctuation checks, as well as assistance with organization, fluidity, and transitions. The consultant will read through the essay numerous times with the applicant and later on her own. This service not only leads to a high quality essay, but it also assists the client in becoming a better writer and communicator and often leads to an increased level of confidence in his/her own writing abilities.

Application Assistance

A college consultant will assist the applicant in editing his/her completed application(s), including responses to short answers and brief statements. Editing includes grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks, as well as pointers regarding application etiquette. The consultant will also review the application(s) to ensure that all questions and sections have been completed appropriately and will answer any questions the applicant may have about this step in the process. Furthermore, the consultant will assist the applicant in sending his/her high school transcript and SAT/ACT scores.

Supplement Assistance

If the applicant has chosen to use the Common Application, the consultant will edit his/her supplement(s). This service will include grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks, pointers regarding supplement etiquette, and editing of all supplemental essays and short answers. Consultants will also review the supplements to assure that they has been accurately completed and will answer any questions the applicant may have about this part of the application.

 Private SAT Tutoring

CAC consultants offer personalized rigorous one-on-one SAT tutoring. It is important to note that our tutors take a specialized two-prong approach to the test.  They have found this approach to be extremely effective. The first prong of this approach involves teaching the student the necessary material that is required (ex. how to solve simultaneous equations or when a comma is necessary before the word ‘and’ within a sentence). The second prong of this approach, which is what makes our tutoring unique, involves teaching the student the necessary techniques that will help him with each section of the test.  It is these techniques that will ultimately help the student answer more questions correctly. We will customize the tutoring to meet any student’s specific wants and needs!

This service is ideal for high school juniors and seniors who are looking to perform well on their SAT tests.

Interview Preparation

The applicant will be instructed about the types of questions frequently asked by college admissions counselors, the most appropriate ways to answer them, and important questions to ask college counselors during interviews. The applicant will also learn the proper interview etiquette including how to dress for an interview, what to bring to an interview, and how to behave in a way that presents them in the best way possible.

Interview Preparation with Mock Interview

In addition to becoming adequately prepared for an interview, the applicant will take part in a mock interview during which the consultant will act as a professional college admissions counselor. Once the mock interview is complete, the applicant will be given a formal evaluation of his/her performance and will be informed of changes that can be made to improve how he/she performs during a real college admissions interview.

Private Academic Tutoring

Tutoring services are available for students of all ages in almost every subject area. Each tutoring session will be personalized to fit the particular needs of the student (based upon his/her preferred methods of learning). Our consultants are also trained to evaluate the most effective learning strategies for each individual and are equipped with numerous study tips and techniques to help their clients.

Academic Organizational Assistance

A consultant will work with a student of any age in order to help him/her learn academic organizational skills and study habits.  The student will learn how to take notes, how to organize his/her notes and how to organize his/her binder.  He/she will also be taught how to most effectively use the text and class notes to prepare for a test, how to create a study schedule, and much more.  Again, this service will be catered to fit the individual client’s needs.   All in all, the student will learn healthy and effective study habits and skills that work for him/her.

Letters of Recommendation Assistance

The consultant will advise applicants about whom to seek letters of recommendation from, how to appropriately request a recommendation, and the necessary materials to provide to a potential recommender. The consultant can also provide the applicant with forms that will help him/her organize and track where he/she is in the recommendation process.

Retroactive Withdrawal Process

This service is designed specifically for students who have faced an academic setback in recent semesters as a result of personal or medical issues. If this process is offered at the student’s current or previous school, it allows the student the opportunity to explain his case to the school in the hopes that low grades from that semester will be replaced with WDs and removed from the GPA calculations. Consultants will assist the student in contacting the school, writing a retroactive withdrawal request and gathering documentation to support the request.

Placement Testing Preparation- Math or English

Students entering college will be required to take a placement test in order to determine which level of math and English they need to start with. The consultant will provide academic tutoring to help the student prepare for the test so that he can place into the highest level that is appropriate. This can help save the student time and money (as it can help students place into higher level courses). Students will learn techniques and material to help them succeed on the placement test.

Scheduling Assistance

Consultants will provide the applicant with information regarding application deadlines and dates for campus tours, information sessions, open houses, and related events offered at the colleges and universities that the student has decided to apply to. The consultant will help the student to manage his/her time effectively to assure that all applications and supporting material get submitted on time. 

Wait List/Rejection Services

Being wait-listed or rejected from any college/university is often a crushing experience. However, there is hope. Our consultants can help the applicant to take the appropriate steps to increase his/her chance of admission once placed on a waiting list. We can even assist the applicant who has been rejected from a college/university by helping him/her through the appeals process when appropriate.


College Admissions Consultants offers seminars to any group or organization that wants its members to learn about the ins and outs of the college admissions process. Seminars can be specialized to the target audience, whether that is parents, high school students or younger kids who may a bit of encouragement to recognize the importance of education. Seminars are informative, engaging and cover a wide array of topics including, but not limited to, how to decide on which schools to apply to, what application to use, topics to avoid in the college essay, and what to do if you are put on the waitlist. Seminars are a great way to encourage your community members to get started on the right track with the college admissions process.

Our Fees

Our consultants charge a fee of $55 an hour for our college services and tutoring. We have chosen to use an hourly fee (as opposed to an individual fee for each service) so that we can personalize each client’s experience to fit his/her needs.  *The one exception to this is when the client uses our college search services.  Due to the fact that the school search takes a considerable number of hours to complete, we do not charge an hourly fee (as this would become costly for clients) and instead charge a flat fee. This flat fee will vary depending upon the specifics of the client’s wants and needs.  Regardless, this flat fee will save you money!   Call or e-mail us to find out more!