Our consultants offer a wide range of educational consulting services to help students of all ages and all academic levels succeed in academia. Services are personalized to meet each student’s needs and can include assistance with:

  • educational case management
  • undergraduate college admissions coaching
  • standardized test preparation 
  • academic tutoring (elementary school through college)
  • organizational and time-management assistance
  • educational resume assistance
  • seminars
  • educational services for unique populations

*Please see below for details about each service provided.

Educational Case Management

Our consultants work directly with the student to help provide overall academic mentorship and monitoring. This service is perfect for high school students (9th-12th grade) and college students (freshman- senior, including transfers) in need of educational management. It is often used to assist students as they transition to a more rigorous curriculum (such as students entering high school or college). In most cases, the consultant continues working with the student over an extended period of time to help ensure long-term educational success. It is very personalized to meet each student’s needs. 

Viewing the educational process as a holistic one, the consultant manages multiple aspects of student care. They meet with the student on a regular basis (often 1-2 times per week) to monitor progress and assist with some or all of the following: 

  •  Course advisement and registration 
  •  Assignment progress checks
  •  Weekly homework schedules/timelines
  •  Grade monitoring 
  •  Deadline management
  •  Study skills assessment 
  •  Test/exam preparation
  •  Future educational goal mapping 

Undergraduate College Admissions Coaching

(first year students and transfer students):

The undergraduate admissions process is complex, multifaceted and constantly changing.  Students working through this process are often stressed and confused, and parents can struggle to provide their child with the guidance needed.  Our consultants work to meet the needs of everyone involved, walking students and parents through each step of the process. Our consultants understand the challenges families can face when trying to balance a student’s desire to gain independence with a parent’s concern and inclination to help their child. By acting as mediators, we can make sure students and parents all get their needs met, relieving stress and familial tension as a result.

We can assist you with:  

  • Creating a list of colleges to apply to
  • Navigating the Common Application (and supplements) and other private applications
  • Brainstorming ideas, creating an outline, and editing the admission essay(s)
  • Tracking applications and required materials
  • Requesting letters of recommendation and school reports
  • Preparing for admissions interviews (including mock interviews)
  • Addressing wait list/deferral decisions
  • Navigating the transfer admissions process

*Please note that, like all of our other services, college admissions coaching services are personalized to fit each student’s needs. We can provide assistance with the entire process from beginning to end or focus our services on just a few steps of the process.

Standardized Test Preparation: SAT and ACT

College Admissions Consultants offers personalized, rigorous, one-on-one tutoring to prepare high school juniors and seniors for the SAT and/or ACT tests. With just around 10 years each of experience teaching about these tests, our consultants are well-prepared to help learners of every type master these college entrance exams.  Tutoring sessions are focused on teaching the academic concepts tested on the exams as well as test-taking skills and tricks particular to each test. Students are taught specific steps to follow for each section and learn to quickly identify trick answers. Learning about the format of the test also helps students feel confident and comfortable on test day.  

We will customize our tutoring to meet any student’s specific wants and needs! If available, past PSAT and SAT score reports are used to determine areas of strengths and weaknesses. Students will be assigned homework at the end of each session to practice skills touched upon in the current and previous lessons. Progress is also measured via assigned practice tests. 

Standardized Test Preparation: GED, SSAT, Accuplacer, TEAS, GRE

Standardized test taking is required at many different stages of the educational process. Our consultants provide one-on-one tutoring to help prepare students for a wide variety of tests. This includes preparation for tests such as the:

  • GED (General Education Diploma)- equivalent to high school completion
  • SSAT – required for admission to many private high schools (4th grade- 12th grade)
  • Accuplacer- college placement test taken by students entering college
  • TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills)- required for admission to nursing programs and other medical programs
  • GRE (Graduate Record Examinations)- required for admission to some graduate programs

*If you do not see a specific test listed above, please contact us and ask if we offer tutoring to meet your testing needs!

Academic Tutoring (Elementary School through College)

Academic tutoring services are available for students of all ages in almost every subject area. Tutoring can directly correspond to a class in school or can be used to teach foundational material critical for future schooling or careers. Subjects we frequently tutor in include, but are not limited to: Math (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-calculus, and more), English/Literature (of all levels), History (of all levels), Science (Earth Science, Biology, science labs, and more), Social Sciences (sociology, psychology, and more), Business/Communications (wide variety) and more.* Each tutoring session will be personalized to fit the particular needs of the student (based upon his/her preferred methods of learning, course requirements, etc.). Our consultants are also trained to evaluate the most effective learning strategies for each individual and are equipped with numerous study tips and techniques to help their clients. Meeting frequency is dependent upon the needs of the student and the request of their guardians. 

*If you do not see a specific subject or course listed above, please contact us and ask if we offer tutoring to meet your academic needs!

Organizational, Study Skills and Time Management Assistance

Our consultants work one-on-one with students of all ages to help them learn academic organizational skills and study habits including time management.  The students will learn how to properly take notes, correctly organize school materials (binders, folders, etc.) and effectively label files/computer documents. Sessions will also be focused on teaching appropriate time management skills by creating study schedules that incorporate extracurricular activities, breaking down larger projects and papers into more manageable pieces, and appropriately setting time goals to plan ahead for future deadlines. Students will learn how to best prepare for tests including how to most effectively use the course textbook and other resources.  This service will be catered to fit the individual client’s needs.

Educational Resume Assistance

An academic resume is an important resource that serves a wide range of purposes. It can be used as part of the admissions process for high school or college applicants, presented to teachers or other professionals as a guide when writing letters of recommendation or submitted as a graded school assignment. Our consultants are well versed in how to best organize and format a resume to highlight each student’s academic and other achievements. They can help students decide what information is necessary to include and how to most appropriately word each section of the resume. Services are personalized based on the intended audience/recipient.


College Admissions Consultants offers a wide variety of seminars to audiences of all ages and types. We can provide seminars to libraries, youth groups, non-profits, at-risk populations, scout troops, religious organizations, athletic teams, recovery/addiction centers and more!

Seminar topics are specialized to meet the needs of the target audience. Seminar topics include, but are not limited to*:

  • The College Admissions Process
  • The College Admissions Essay
  • The Importance (and Enjoyment) of Education 
  • Non-traditional Educational Paths
  • Navigating the College Process Sober
  • SAT/ACT Testing 
  • Many more!

Seminars are informative and engaging, and are a great way to educate community members about their educational options and support them along their educational journeys. 

*If you do not see a specific seminar topic listed above, please contact us and ask if we offer a seminar to meet your group’s needs!

Educational Services for Unique Populations

In addition to the traditional educational services, we also offer educational services specific to individuals in recovery. We have worked directly with multiple different substance abuse recovery programs throughout the state of Connecticut to help clients of all ages get back on track with their education. We have years of experience working with clients in early recovery and understand the unique needs that these students may have. Our consultants are very knowledgeable about non-traditional high school options that best fit the needs of individuals in residential or day treatment as well as colleges that offer sober programs.  We are knowledgeable about the services each school’s program provides and will help guide the student in finding those that are best for him/her so that he/she can maintain recovery while pursuing academics.

Our Fees

Our consultants charge a fee of $60 an hour. We have chosen to use an hourly fee (as opposed to an individual fee for each service) so that we can personalize each client’s experience to fit his/her needs.

*The one exception to this hourly rate is when the client uses our college search services.  Due to the fact that the school search takes a considerable number of hours to complete, we do not charge an hourly fee (as this would become costly for clients) and instead charge a flat fee. This flat fee will vary depending upon the specifics of the client’s wants and needs.  Regardless, this flat fee will save you money!

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