Congratulations are in order!

Congratulations are in order for our latest high school graduates.  These students worked very hard to earn their high school degree from non-traditional online high schools including: American School, Edgenuity, Keystone School and PA Cyber School.

Several current students are well on their way to earning their diploma from the following non-traditional high schools: Acellus Academy, Advantages and American School.  Keep up the hard work!

Did You Know?

College Admissions Consultants (CAC) has helped prepare its students for some less traditional tests as well including the:
NY Regents Exam

Meriden Youth Services & CAC

Thank you very much to the Meriden Youth Services. The organization and their members provided CAC with a warm welcome this past May when we helped teach high school students all about applying to college. We sure covered a lot of material and everyone there received a free CAC water bottle! The group of young men and women was very attentive and had some great experiences to share! Thank you again!