GED Success! Congratulations!

Congratulations to the following CAC students who earned their GEDs. Contrary to popular belief, the GED is a challenging test. Our students were up for the challenge and their hard work paid off! Congrats to…… *Please note that initials were used in place of student’s names to protect the privacy of our clients.


We are growing…

CAC is growing and, as a result, we are serving more students from all over the nation! We currently have students from Connecticut all the way to Washington!

Congratulations to CAC’s Non-Traditional High School Graduates

In addition to providing academic tutoring for high school students in traditional brick and mortar schools, CAC also provides full service high school completion services for our non-traditional students. These students may have left high school for personal reasons or health reasons and rely on our consultants to help them along the pathway to graduation from high school (often through distance learning programs, collaboration with public high schools and private high schools, etc.). Congratulations to the following CAC students who have worked very hard and earned their high school diplomas! *Please note- student’s initials are used in place of their names in an effort to protect their privacy.
J.R 2016-2017
R.R 2016-2017
S.B 2016-2017
S.R. 2016-2017
W.A. 2015-2016
L.S. 2015-2016
G.R 2015-2016
B.L. 2015-2016
J.W. 2015-2016
H.G. 2014-2015
C.S. 2014-2015
C.Sc. 2014-2015
T.V. 2014-2015
Z.B 2013-2014
R.L 2013-2014
**Many more to come!

SAT Scores

WOW!!!! A big round of applause goes out to the following CAC clients whose SAT scores increased dramatically after just a short few weeks with CAC!

C.V.- 160-point increase in 1 month

S.W.- 190-point increase in 2 weeks

G.M.- 130-point increase in 2 weeks

High School Graduations!

A big congratulations goes out to Clayton S. for his high school graduation! It was a rigorous year working together and we all learned so much! Good luck at Texas Tech University next year– you are more than well-prepared.

Another congrats goes out to Cooper S. for his high school graduation.  You worked so hard and overcame a lot of barriers.  You are on your way to a brighter future!

CAC is now looking for tutors and educational consultants!

CAC is growing! As we work to expand our business, we are looking to hire tutors to fit the need in Cheshire, Hamden, New Haven, Bridgeport, Stamford and other surrounding areas. We tutor students of all ages in a variety of subject areas. We also tutor for standardized testing such as the SAT and GED tests. A primary focus of our business involves working through the college admissions process as well! In addition to working with private families, we work with many individuals in residential treatment programs who are in need of assistance with getting their educational careers back on track. You make your own hours! Would you be interested in working for our business? Can you provide us with a resume? If so, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!


Congratulations to all of our clients who have received acceptances to so many great colleges/universities including (but not limited to):

Bryant University

Fairleigh Dickinson

Fordham University

John Hopkins University

NYU- Stern

Quinnipiac University


University of Rhode Island

And many, many more! We look forward to some more news regarding acceptances soon!


November SATs

We are eagerly awaiting SAT scores from our clients who took the November SAT scores. Hang in there everyone– November 21st is almost here!!


Congratulations to the following CAC clients whose scores on the October SATs improved significantly after tutoring with us:

T.A.: 140 points

D.F.: 170 points

K.O.: 110 points

Great job!!! Keep up the good work!

2014 GED Test Changes

The new assessment is a stepping-stone to a brighter future

Check out this article on the new 2014 GED at

On January 2, 2014, GED Testing Service will unveil a new assessment in all jurisdictions (except Canada and International) that ensures the GED® testing program is no longer an endpoint for adults, but a springboard for more education, training, and better-paying jobs. [Read more…]