SAT Score Updates!

Congratulations to HG who recently received his latest SAT scores. After CAC tutoring, his SAT scores increased by 120 points! We have no doubt that he will continue to keep up the great work as we continue through the college admissions process together!

Congratulations are in order!

Congratulations are in order for our latest high school graduates.  These students worked very hard to earn their high school degree from non-traditional online high schools including: American School, Edgenuity, Keystone School and PA Cyber School.

Several current students are well on their way to earning their diploma from the following non-traditional high schools: Acellus Academy, Advantages and American School.  Keep up the hard work!

Did You Know?

College Admissions Consultants (CAC) has helped prepare its students for some less traditional tests as well including the:
NY Regents Exam

Meriden Youth Services & CAC

Thank you very much to the Meriden Youth Services. The organization and their members provided CAC with a warm welcome this past May when we helped teach high school students all about applying to college. We sure covered a lot of material and everyone there received a free CAC water bottle! The group of young men and women was very attentive and had some great experiences to share! Thank you again!

Thank you Meriden Public Library

We wanted to send a big thank you to the Meriden Public Library for inviting us into their library to present a seminar on the college admissions process. The seminar was a big success and the audience members had some great questions!
Any additional libraries, organizations, etc. please feel free to contact us (see “Contact Page”). We would love the opportunity to educate your patrons on the college admissions process and related academic topics!

GED Success! Congratulations!

Congratulations to the following CAC students who earned their GEDs. Contrary to popular belief, the GED is a challenging test. Our students were up for the challenge and their hard work paid off! Congrats to…… *Please note that initials were used in place of student’s names to protect the privacy of our clients.


We are growing…

CAC is growing and, as a result, we are serving more students from all over the nation! We currently have students from Connecticut all the way to Washington!

Congratulations to CAC’s Non-Traditional High School Graduates

In addition to providing academic tutoring for high school students in traditional brick and mortar schools, CAC also provides full service high school completion services for our non-traditional students. These students may have left high school for personal reasons or health reasons and rely on our consultants to help them along the pathway to graduation from high school (often through distance learning programs, collaboration with public high schools and private high schools, etc.). Congratulations to the following CAC students who have worked very hard and earned their high school diplomas! *Please note- student’s initials are used in place of their names in an effort to protect their privacy.
J.R 2016-2017
R.R 2016-2017
S.B 2016-2017
S.R. 2016-2017
W.A. 2015-2016
L.S. 2015-2016
G.R 2015-2016
B.L. 2015-2016
J.W. 2015-2016
H.G. 2014-2015
C.S. 2014-2015
C.Sc. 2014-2015
T.V. 2014-2015
Z.B 2013-2014
R.L 2013-2014
**Many more to come!

SAT Scores

WOW!!!! A big round of applause goes out to the following CAC clients whose SAT scores increased dramatically after just a short few weeks with CAC!

C.V.- 160-point increase in 1 month

S.W.- 190-point increase in 2 weeks

G.M.- 130-point increase in 2 weeks

High School Graduations!

A big congratulations goes out to Clayton S. for his high school graduation! It was a rigorous year working together and we all learned so much! Good luck at Texas Tech University next year– you are more than well-prepared.

Another congrats goes out to Cooper S. for his high school graduation.  You worked so hard and overcame a lot of barriers.  You are on your way to a brighter future!